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Hrot SPO 3.0 Fruit Harvester


This machine is destined for harvest of stone fruit, e . g . tart cherries, plums, sweet cherries or others. The basic version is designed for the unified serie of ZETOR tractors. Using another tractor should be consulted with the producer. The harvester is linked with the tractor by 3 - point linkage - II category and by an auxiliary girder mounted at the front of the tractor frame . It consists of the mowing arm with vibrator, the catching canvas with a wind - up roll, longitudinal conveyer with possible control of mowing speed and with ventilator for blowing off undesirable admixtures from the fruit. It is powered by a separate two - gear hydraulic circuit from the P . T . 0 . - shaft.

Advantages of the machine:

  • Low weight
  • Small storing space
  • Suitable also for small orchards
  • Easy fitting
  • Easy handling
  • Suitable also for slopes

Technical data:

Total length (including Z 5211 tractor) 7080 mm
Total width (including Z 5211 tractor) 2585 mm
Total width (with spread canvas) 7200 mm
Total height (including Z 5211 tractor) 2676 mm
Weight (without tractor) 740 kg
Canvas dimension in basic version 5 x 6 m
Knocking frequency 25 Hz
Tree rows distance 5.0 m
Distance of trees in rows 2.5 m
Trunk diameter 270 mm
Average machine performance 60-80 trees/hour




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